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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Power of the Lord is not Electricity

Last Sunday, our church service was delayed briefly by a power outage due to an automobile accident in the area.  Pastor proceeded to conduct the entire service with a battery powered bullhorn, battery powered lantern, and later a battery powered karaoke machine (PA).  Turned out to be a wonderful service and if I remember correctly 5 people gave their hearts to Jesus.  Amen!


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  2. i guess that thunder storm was really caused by the lord if it gave such a blessing as those souls being saved, eh?
    remember when peter was in the waters and was sinking and he said. "lord save me!" and the lord took his hand and DID save him!

    thank you for your visit tim, lisa, treton and grant...i am going to follow your blog even though i DO feel sorry for that poor snake...ha
    with christian love, terry